First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (cameo)
Basis Fletcher Jennings 0-4-0
Livery Dark green with black and gold lining
Voice Actor ThomasWoodenEpisodes

Smudger is a ruthless green engine from a foreign land that used to work on the Mid-Sodor Railway with Duke, Falcon, Stuart, and Bertram.


Smudger was very cocky and reckless. He rode dangerously. Duke and Bertram tried to keep Smudger calm and in line, but the little engine never listened. Smudger caused many accidents and crashes and a great deal of damage when he rode the rails. Eventually, the controller became fed up with his antics and turned him into a generator, putting him in the back of the shed. To the engines' knowledge, Smudger was left behind the shed when it was buried by a landslide, and Falcon, Bertram, and Stuart were bought by Sir Topham Hatt to work on his railway.

However, what is not known to the general public is that Sir Topham Hatt also purchased Smudger shortly before he left to go back to Sodor. This was kept quiet, and the only ones with knowledge of the incident were the controller of the railway, Sir Topham Hatt, and Smudger himself. Smudger was brought to Sodor and positioned behind a small shed to generate power for the shed.

There have recently been rumblings that The Fat Controller is thinking about putting Smudger back on the rails.


Smudger was mischievous, crude, and reckless. He was extremely arrogant and haughty. He rode recklessly and cared nothing about the damage he caused or the others around him. He never listened to advice and held a hatred for the railway and its controllers. He was described by his peers as a show-off.