Sir Topham Hatt
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Full Name Sir Bertram Topham Hatt
First Appearance Thomas Helps Out
Affiliations North Western Railway, Skarloey Railway
Voice Actor Jlouvier

Sir Topham Hatt, affectionately known to the engines as The Fat Controller, is the head of the North Western Railway.


The Fat Controller formerly wore a black top hat and a black suit with a yellow undershirt and a black tie and gray pants, but that suit got incredibly dirty after he lost control of his car and drove it into a ditch. Since then, he has taken to wearing a black suit, a white dress shirt, a tie, black pants, and a black top hat as his signature suit.


Sir Topham Hatt is a responsible and reliable leader. He strives for perfection among his engines, and is very proud of them. He can take control of any situation and has a deep, booming voice. He is a proud man, who does not give up his dignity easily. He is also calm and collected and does not easily lose his temper. He is a fair man, who deals out praise and punishment to engines that deserve it. However, Sir Topham Hatt's appetitie can sometimes get the better of him.


Sir Topham Hatt took control of the North Western Railway at a young age, inheriting it from his father, Sir Charles Topham Hatt. He decided to purchase some brand new engines for the railway, finding Thomas, Gordon, and Edward abroad and having James, Henry, and Toby built for him at Crovan's Gate Works. He would later purchase many other engines, including Percy, Donald and Douglas, and Duck, and soon he had a vast railway. All of the engines respect him and hold him in high esteem, except for a notable few.

When Thomas took James's passenger train after the latter broke down on top of Henry's Tunnel, Sir Topham Hatt was aboard the train, and  congratulated Thomas for a smooth run, and rewarded him with those coaches that he had pulled that day. He led the chorus of cheers for Thomas in congratulation.

When Rickety broke away from Percy's train and crashed into a field, Sir Topham Hatt arrived at the scene and reprimanded him before driving away. However, shortly after he had left the accident scene, Sir Topham Hatt lost control of his car and it skidded into a ditch, dirtying his suit. Instead of paying the incredibly expensive cleaning bill, Sir Topham Hatt decided just to get a new suit altogether.


Season 1: Thomas Helps Out, Rickety's Ridiculous Ruckus