Robert Shaw
Full Name Robert Jonathan Shaw II
First Appearance Culdee Crosses the Border (Cameo)

Victor's Paint Job (First full appearance)

Affiliations Sam Jones
Voice Actor MrMPS2002

Robert Shaw is a scheming, if a bit bumbling, con artist who often attempts to con the citizens and engines of Sodor. His partner is Sam Jones.


Robert is dressed in all black. He wears a black bowler hat, a black pinstripe suit, and black pants. He wears a black dress shirt and a white tie underneath. He also wears large black sunglasses.


Robert is slimy, manipulative, and scheming. He can be very cruel to his partner-in-crime, Sam Jones. All of his schemes involve the two gaining money. They often do this by way of selling defective or low quality products. However, for all of his scheming, Robert can be a bit of a bungler, and his own plans often cave in on him and Sam.


When Robert and Sam first arrived on Sodor, they was attempting to scam several Sodor officials, including Sir Topham Hatt, by selling defective or dangerous products to them. They were accidentally exposed by Victor and arrested. They were later released from prison on parole, and not too soon after that were seen attempting to deal heroin, only to be unwittingly stopped by Splatter and his runaway freight train. The two were again arrested. Robert later managed to talk the judge into releasing him on bail (Sam didn't have enough money to pay for bail), and, when he heard the news of the beginning of the Narrow Gauge Expansion Project, began attempting to sell shoddy materials to the workers. He was quickly found out and arrested.


Season 1: Culdee Crosses the Border (Cameo) Victor's Paint Job, Splatter Splatters, A Narrow Gauge Tale