First Appearance Rickety's Ridiculous Ruckus (Cameo)

A Diesel Railway (First Full Appearance)

Basis Bulleid Diesel No. 11001
Livery Orange with yellow lining, orange wheels and a grey roof.
Voice Actor 3HenrytheGreenEngine

Norman is an intelligent, but scheming, diesel.


Norman originally came from an old, run-down railway (the details of his history are still sketchy). All that is known is that he lived on the railway along with Bear, Paxton, Sidney, Rusty, and his brother, Dennis. The railway was closing, and Sir Topham Hatt purchased the five diesels to come to work and live on his railway. Norman had a problem where he would often break down, but Sir Topham Hatt had him repaired when he got to Sodor.

When Norman got to the railway, he quickly allied himself with Diesel, Arry, and Bert, since his scheming and their devious nature allowed them to hit it off and come up with many a devious plan. Norman was sent to work at the Sodor Dieselworks by Sir Topham Hatt due to one of their plans involving fireworks backfiring. When at the Dieselworks, Norman fell under the leadership of Diesel 10 and P.T. Boomer. He also allied himself with other diesels such as The Diesel and D199. Norman currently works at the Dieselworks, occasionally causing trouble around Sodor.


Norman is a diesel who used to often break down, before he was repaired by the Fat Controller's workmen. Norman is a scheming, cunning diesel who enjoys causing trouble around the railway. Norman doesn't like steam engines. He is quick to jump to conclusions. He likes to boss other engines around, but quickly falls into line whenever someone he deems superior or equal to him orders him around.