Miss Jenny Packard
Full Name Jenny Packard
First Appearance Fretful Fergus
Affiliations The Pack, Blue Mountain Quarry, North Western Railway
Voice Actor Friend of MrMPS2002's

Miss Jenny Packard, also known as Miss Jenny, is a friendly woman who is the owner and controller of The Pack.


Miss Jenny took over The Pack from her father. She quickly became a very responsible leader and earned the respect of her machines. She is very loyal and hardworking, and makes sure the job gets done. This can annoy Max and Monty.

Miss Jenny and the Pack were hired by Sir Topham Hatt to help out at the Blue Mountain Quarry during the time when Fergus was sent to work there after the Cement Works closed down. The Pack was later contracted by Sir Topham Hatt and The Thin Controller to help with the Narrow Gauge Expansion Project. The Pack have also been sent to help with the rebuilding of Ulfstead Castle.


Miss Jenny is a stern, responsible, natural-born leader. She works hard making sure that The Pack can be as helpful as possible to the Island. She takes responsibility for a number of the bigger building projects around Sodor. When she is pleased with someone, she tends to say "You'd make a mother proud!"