First Appearance Culdee Crosses the Border (cameo)


Basis Kerr Stuart 0-4-0ST Wren Class 4256
Livery Green with white lining
Voice Actor retroguy55

Luke is a narrow gauge engine that works at the Blue Mountain Quarry.


Luke is a small engine who was bought by Sir Topham Hatt to help the other engines at the Blue Mountain Quarry. He was on the same boat as Victor, and the two became very good friends on their ride. When Luke arrived on Sodor, he made fast friends with Thomas and Skarloey.

Luke was present during the Pirate Incident. He helped in the search party for the missing trains, and he was paired with Spencer.

Later, when Fergus was sent to work at the BMQ and began to fret about Burnett Stone, Luke ignored him and was not affected by his worrying.

During the Narrow Gauge Expansion Project, Luke was sent to help with shuttling cargo back and forth between the standard gauge and new narrow gauge railways. After the project was finished, Luke was rewarded by being allowed to work on the Narrow Gauge Railway and had his wheels refitted for this reason.


Luke is shy, careful, and easily worried. He is slow to make friends, but once he does make a friend, he forms a strong bond with said engine. The other engines can be very protective of him because of his meek attitude and shy behaviour. Despite his shy mannerisms, Luke is very passionate about his work at the Blue Mountain Quarry, and can be seen rushing through the quarry joyfully.