First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)

Culdee Crosses the Border (First Full Appearance)

Basis Japanese National Railways (JNR) Class D51 built by Kawasaki
Livery Black with gold bands and fittings and red wheels
Voice Actor NemesisHero123

Hiro is a large, powerful tender engine originally from Japan. He is well-respected by the engines and is known as the "Master of the Railway" among the engines.


Hiro came to the Island of Sodor early in his life and worked on the island for a long time under the jurisdiction of Sir Topham Hatt. However, he went missing around the time Rickety caused an accident at Gordon's Hill while he was taking a freight train to the Other Railway. He was recovered by Culdee after he ran away from the Island (the exact circumstances of how are currently unknown), and Culdee also brought two diesels with him, with Hiro claiming that they held him captive. The two were bought by Sir Topham Hatt and sent to work at the Sodor Dieselworks.

Hiro currently works as an express engine on the Island, pulling freight trains and express trains around the Island. He especially enjoys pulling passenger trains up and around the express lines of Sodor. He is good friends with just about everyone on the Island, except for the diesels who held him captive. Recently, Hiro was bought by the mainland's preservation society to ensure that nothing bad happens to him anymore, as he is a historic figure in Sodor's history. Hiro is currently still on loan to Sir Topham Hatt, and Sir Topham Hatt currently uses him as somewhat of his private engine when his car and Winston are not instantly available.


Hiro is wise, very dignified, and very kind. He is friendly and is able to find good in any engine he meets. He does not hold a grudge, and is grand and mature. He is one of the strongest engines on Sodor. He enjoys serenity, and is a useful engine on the railway and a good friend to the other engines.