First Appearance Rickety's Ridiculous Ruckus (Cameo)
Basis Pennsylvania Railroad K4 Pacific
Livery Dark blue with red wheels, a red cowcatcher and red lining
Voice Actor Currently Unknown

Hank is a large tender engine from Texas. He enjoys pulling passenger trains.


Hank was originally built in Texas. He was the only steam engine on his railway, as the other engines were all diesels. Some of the diesels tried to have him scrapped, but he managed to escape from them. He was bought by a large steel mill to shuttle materials back and forth between where they were (The Mainland) and the Island of Sodor. The first time he went to Sodor, he met BoCo and the two struck up a conversation, with Hank telling him that he didn't like his job very much. BoCo informed Sir Topham Hatt, and he promptly bought Hank to pull trains on his railway.

Hank enjoys pulling the express when Gordon is out of comission, and he, Henry, and Gordon have a little competition going to see who the strongest engine on Sodor is. Ironically, none of them realizes that the strongest engine on Sodor is actually Hiro. Hank can also often be found pulling goods trains. He enjoys helping out younger engines, like Percy and Stanley. He is good friends with BoCo and Arthur.


Hank is a large, laid-back, clever engine. Due to his size, he is a very strong engine. He speaks with a strong Texan accent. He enjoys spending time with any type of engine, big or small, tender or not, though he prefers not to spend time with the diesels. He is usually a very jolly engine, and is always happy to work. He is respected by the engines because he doesn't use his size to take advantage of other engines.