First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)
Basis Aveling and Porter steamroller
Livery Green with gold boiler bands and a black and yellow funnel

George is a rude steamroller who works with Jack and the Pack. He also is closely affiliated with the Sodor Construction Company and the Blue Mountain Quarry.


George first arrived on Sodor for construction detail near the Skarloey branch of the railway. He was very rude to the engines, believing that the roads he paved were better than the rails the engines ran on. He had a run-in with Sir Handel, leading to extensive damage to himself. He was eventually brought back to the mainland for repairs. During his stay on Sodor, he became good friends with Bertie and Diesel, the latter of whom introduced George to his other malicious friends, including Arry and Bert, Den and Dart, and Norman.

George later returned to the railway after being repaired, and did nothing but cause havoc, including causing Thomas to crash into a barn, holding Duck up near a siding, and causing Gordon to collide with Duck's train. He was then briefly turned into a generator near Farmer McColl's farm as punishment, before Sir Topham Hatt returned him to service and sent him to work with Jack and the Pack.

George currently works regularly at the Blue Moutain Quarry, attempting to stay away from Sir Handel and the other Narrow Gauge engines as best he can. He also works with the Pack at the rebuilding site of Ulfstead Castle.


George is grumpy, rude and malicious, tearing up or paving over railroad tracks whenever he can. He is good friends with several of the "evil diesels" of Sodor, including Diesel, Arry, Bert, Diesel 10, and Splatter and Dodge. However, he is also friends with Bertie, who serves as a sort of conscience for him. George also is friends with Lorry 1, Max and Monty, and Patrick. He cannot stand Jack and most of his fellow members of the Pack.