First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Does Not Speak)
Basis 1896 Furness Railway Sharp, Stewart and Co. "Larger Seagull"
Livery Blue with red and yellow lining
Voice Actor Oliver Duck

Edward is a blue mixed-traffic tender engine who was one of the first engines on Sodor.


Edward is a mixed-traffic engine. He spends most of his time working on his branchline shunting and pulling trains. He also enjoys working at the harbor. He is one of Sir Topham Hatt's most trusted engines, and Sir Topham Hatt often entrusts him to give orders to the engines whenever he is not around. He is friends with just about all of the engines on Sodor and is held in high esteem by most of them.

When Thomas first recieved his coaches, Edward was one of the first engines to congratulate Thomas and comfort James when the latter broke down on top of Henry's Tunnel.

Edward currently runs the Wellsworth-Brendam Branchline Route and works closely with BoCo, Bill and Ben, and Donald and Douglas. He is also occasionally called upon to perform odd jobs around the island.


Edward is a kind, noble engine. He is one of Sir Topham Hatt's oldest and most trusted engine, and is considered to be an extremely wise engine by the other engines. He is a good friend and attempts to keep his friends safe and sound. He is also an extremely cautious engine due to his experience. However, he does have a sense of humor and enjoys a good joke. Although Edward is not very big or strong, he makes up for it with dedication and heart.