Donald and Douglas
First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)
Basis Caledonian Railway "McIntosh 812" 0-6-0
Livery Black with red-and-white lining
Voice Actor Ois894WR

Donald and Douglas are two Scottish twins who do odd jobs around the Island of Sodor.


Donald and Douglas were built in Scotland. However, when they were very young engines, they were bought by an Irish railwayman. They were brought to the railway, and lived on the railway for a very long time. So long, in fact, that their Scottish accents all but disappeared and were replaced with Irish accents. However, they still very much think of themselves as Scottish twins and associate themselves with Scottish morals and beliefs.

Years later, when Sir Topham Hatt was a young controller and was searching for engines to bring to his Sodor Railway, he was informed of the railway. He travelled there and purchased the two engines. When the two engines arrived on Sodor, Henry teased them for their accents. However, when Henry broke down, the pair saved him, giving him and the other engines a new respect for the two.

Donald and Douglas were assigned to work on Edward's branchline, but they also occasionally work around the Little Western with Duck and Oliver. They also have recently been spotted helping out with the rebuilding of Ulfstead Castle.


Donald and Douglas are two capable and proud Scottish twins. They work hard and stand no nonsense, but do love a good joke. They are two extremely reliable engines, and will always be grateful to the Fat Controller for saving them from their old railway, which was dingy, run-down, and overrun with diesels. They, like many of the other steam engines, dislike diesels, but have grown to enjoy the company of diesels like BoCo, Bear, Mavis, and have even gotten on the good side of Norman, which is an extraordinary feat. Of the two, Donald is more of a charming, witty joker, while Douglas is the smarter, quicker-thinking, and calmer of the pair.