First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)

Victor's Paint Job (First Full Apeearance)

Basis BR Clas 08 Shunter
Livery Black with silver lining
Voice Actor mallardfan62

Diesel is a devious and scheming diesel shunter.


Diesel was the first diesel to arrive on Sodor. He was bought from the Other Railway by Sir Topham Hatt to help with the ever-increasing workload. Diesel hated steam engines ever since his arrival on Sodor, due to Duck embarassing him during his first job to shunt trucks. The only reason Sir Topham Hatt still keeps him around is because he is an extremely efficient and hard worker.

Diesel currently works at the Sodor Dieselworks under P.T. Boomer, along with his friends Arry and Bert. Diesel, Arry, and Bert are also frequently sent to the Blue Mountain Quarry to help haul slate and rocks.

Diesel has frequently attempted to have steam engines, such as Thomas and Luke sent away from the Island, and engines like Oliver and Stepney scrapped.

Diesel is infamous for his evil deeds around the Island, as well as sucking up to his superiors whenever he is blamed or caught in the middle of his schemes. He most often deflects the blame to Arry and Bert, or whoever is attempting the scheme with him. He is most famous for the infamous "Fireworks Incident".


Diesel is devious, cunning, and sinister. He believes that diesels are better than steam engines, and wishes nothing more than to see all the steam engines on the North Western Railway scrapped. He believes himself superior over his fellow diesels, and attempts to rule over them, often ordering them around and telling them what to do. He is extremely good and coming up with sinister plans, most of which fail miserably and do nothing but land him in trouble.