First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)
Basis AEC Bridgemaster bus
Livery Red and yellow, later green and yellow. (He has since gone back to the red and yellow coat)
Voice Actor remotwins

Bulgy is a rude and bad-tempered double-decker bus.


Bulgy arrived on the Island of Sodor to help out during a special holiday, where there was an overload of passengers. He attempted to steal Duck and Oliver's passengers. He was arrogant and rude to the steam engines, as well as Bertie the bus. He was exposed for the fraud he was, however, when he became wedged under a small bridge. After he was rescued from under the bridge, the bridge was renamed "Bulgy's Bridge", and he was turned into a henhouse and placed near the bridge.

However, Bulgy was put back into service by Sir Topham Hatt shortly after Thomas recieved his coaches, Annie and Clarabel. This was due to the enormously positive feedback from Thomas' passengers on his first run with Annie and Clarabel. Bulgy was extremely happy to be back in service at the time. However, over time, he has begun to grow extremely disgruntled with the way the engines have been treating and embarrassing him. He has recently been assigned by The Fat Controller to deliver workmen to the rebuilding of Ulfstead Castle in addition to his passenger runs.


Bulgy is rude, self-centered, and a bit jaded with life. He has no scruples. He hates steam engines, and would do anything to see them scrapped. However, he enjoys hanging out with diesels who share his viewpoint on steam engines, and especially enjoys causing mischief with Diesel, 'Arry, and Bert.