First Appearance Rickety's Ridiculous Ruckus (Cameo)
Basis Manning Wardle L Class 0-6-0ST
Livery Orange with green and yellow lining
Voice Actor TheNeilStudios

Billy is a small orange tank engine who enjoys shunting and works mostly in the yards. He has prominent buckteeth.


When Billy first arrived on Sodor, he was very silly and did not listen to advice. When Sir Topham Hatt ordered Thomas to show Billy around, Billy thought that Thomas was being bossy and refused to listen to him. Upon learning the truth after he ran out of coal and water, Billy learned to listen to advice, but can still be a bit of a goofy engine.

Billy currently works around the Shunting Yards of Sodor, and also enjoys helping out on branchlines whenever he can. Due to his silly nature, he can occasionally get into accidents and cause mischief around Sodor, but he is still a hard worker and loves working on Sodor.


Billy is a bubbly, bright orange tank engine who can be impetuous, impatient, and impulsive. He is very enthusiastic and enjoys having fun, but he is also a hard worker. He does not take kindly to bossiness, but, ironically, he himself can sometimes be a bit bossy. He has a burning desire to be a Really Useful Engine and has an infectiously happy personality.

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